About the Men Singing Carols

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About The Men Singing Carols

Men Singing Carols was formed in 2013 by Greg Kefalas and Jen Arvay Kefalas, the husband-and-wife team behind New York Holiday Singers, Inc., along with associate producer Doug Cordes. New York Holiday Singers, Inc. previously launched the wildly successful New York Holiday Choristers in 2011 and invented a whole new genre of holiday entertainment, true vocal jazz meets acappella, with the premium & contemporary holiday a cappella entertainment ensemble The New York Holiday Singers, launched in 2009.

When Greg & Doug thought back to some of their favorite vocal ensembles over the years, and after talking to some of our friends & performers, we realized that we all missed singing in a fun, charming men's acappella chorus. And, after looking at the holiday vocal entertainment landscape in New York City, we realized that there was a place for a contemporary men's ensemble, especially since we could take advantage of efficiencies we'd pioneered in the industry with our other groups. And, we knew we wanted a group that could be fun while remaining sophisticated… no barbershop quartets, no porkpie hats, Victorian outfits, or other costumes, but rather a cool, charming, sleek style that was properly "New York."

So, we formed Men Singing Carols, and Greg got to work hand-crafting our sound, while he, Doug & our first Men crafted our look!

Our amazing and talented Men come from all walks of music & theater, and have all been with us for years. It takes that level of skill to perform in our trios. What do they all have in common? They're all tremendous performers, and just like Greg and Jen, they love the holidays.

Meet the Men Singing Carols

Here are New York City's coolest, jazziest professional carolers. a picture for more.

Greg Kefalas Founder Musical, Creative & Technical Director / Bass

Meet Greg Kefalas, our fearless leader, Musical Director/Arranger and Bass. A Northeast Ohio native, Greg moved to NYC for love. Greg's reputation as an expert in holiday season traditions and history has led to interviews on television and radio, and was covered in CBS Sunday Morning's 2014 profile of our company… and has recently led him to be the self-styled "President of Christmas," and thanking the patience of NYHS, Inc.'s Executive Director and his wife, Jen Arvay.

When he's not running his strategy & digital consultancy Mattermind, or composing / arranging / performing with / designing / shooting pictures & video for the vocal groups he helps run, Greg is an avid songwriter & producer, most recently launching the concept project Conspiracy of Violet. He's also a technology buff, amateur chef, and has a love of both delicious coffee and deep winter — as well as cigars & pipes, fine whiskies of many sorts, and Tolkien. Greg and his wife Jen have lived in their Astoria, NY apartment for 12 years, along with their two neurotic cats, and he hopes to sing for you and yours this holiday season.

Jeffrey Funaro Founding Member / nine Year Club Director, Sales & Marketing / Tenor II

Meet Jeffrey Funaro, Tenor II. Originally from a hamlet north of New York City, Jeff spends his days analyzing financial jargon and his evenings & weekends as an avid stage performer & singer. Jeff enjoys history, especially the WWI era, and his love of the New York City subway system manifests in his goal to swipe through every station in the city. He's 95% of the way there! Maybe he can swipe through a new station on his way to sing for you this holiday season as a part of Men Singing Carols and the New York Holiday Choristers? Visit his website at http://www.jeffreyfunaro.com.

Alex Parrish four Year Club Tenor I

Meet Alex Parrish, Tenor I. He’s lived in NYC for ten fantastic years now, and is looking forward to another ten. Embracing the full-time freelance life, Alex wears many hats as an actor, composer, music director, arranger, audiobook narrator, and voice teacher, and is constantly looking for new ways to engage with his passion for theater. If you pass him on the street, he’ll probably be that annoying one singing absentmindedly under breath, until he gets to Men Singing Carols and can turn up the volume for those catchy holiday hits. Check out his work at www.alexanderparrish.com.

Chris Christiana three Year Club Tenor I

Meet Chris, the plucky Tenor I. Hailing from the wilds of Pennsylvania, Chris is as sweet as the chocolate that comes from his home state. When not reaching for soaring melodies, he either decorating for Christmas or waiting for Halloween. Chris is a graduate of the storied Westminster Choir College, and he has performed professionally in productions ranging from pop to contemporary experimental opera. Like a good choral singer, however, he has an abiding love of all things caroling, and is incredibly excited to be singing with Men Singing Carols.

Nick Prior four Year Club Tenor II

Nick Prior is a native of the Southwest hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. With degrees from UNM and Columbia University in Music and Music Education, he works to bring the joy of choral music to all ages working as a choir director, conductor, and clinician for groups all over the country. He lives in New York City as a freelance singer, conductor, composer/arranger, and would honestly be happy singing holiday music all year long, but so far, that market hasn’t taken off yet. He is glad he joined Men Singing Carols to at least get to do it during the “socially acceptable” months.

Patrick Martini four Year Club Bass

Meet Patrick Martini, the Bass with tenor dreams. Originally from the Jersey shore, Patrick is far more likely to jam out to a Broadway cast album than to hang out with Snooki, but anything can happen. When not singing really low notes, he can be found trying to sing really high notes. Patrick is a BFA graduate from NYU Tisch and has acted professionally on both stage and screen, but has a deeply rooted affection for choral and a cappella music and is beyond thrilled to spend another holiday season with Men Singing Carols. www.patrickmartininyc.com

Seth Bleecker Founding Member / nine Year Club Bass

Meet Seth Bleecker, intrepid Bass. A native of Connecticut, Seth is a designer of award-winning educational games by day and a self-confessed "big ol' gaming nerd" by night, whether it's role-playing games, tabletop strategy games, board games, or all manner of video games. Not only that, but when Seth isn't working, gaming, or singing, he has an abiding interest in writing, and is both a black belt and a "pretty decent tap dancer" (also self-confessed). He looks forward to singing for you this holiday season. Tap dancing, however, is extra. Seth is also a multi-year alum of the New York Holiday Choristers.