Hiring the most charming holiday vocal entertainment in New York City is much simpler than tying a bowtie*! Our company has been making it an easy, three-step process since we got started in 2009, and we've got it down to an art. Read on to see how this all works.

* Although, our Tenor II Jeffrey likes to show that he can tie one without even looking, as you can see. Now that's skill.

Not only were the voices amazing, the song choices perfect for the environment, but the planning and post-concert tasks (payment) were super easy. Dealing with Greg was a pleasure. Very organized & efficient and exceptionally accommodating.

Kudos for our company from Samantha Last, MRY Company Holiday Party

How It Works

First, our friendly online quote & availability tool to make sure we're available and get a price quote for your event. With our industry-first, custom online booking system, the calendar is updated in almost real-time — so it's always got our most current availability.

Once you have your quote, complete the booking request process by providing some simple information about you & your event. Once you submit, we get notified about your booking request and event. (Keep in mind that if we've got to travel out of NYC, there may be a small additional cost, and that half an hour bookings are only available in Manhattan.)

Next: Contract & Deposit ⇒

We follow up with you to confirm the information and our availabilty. Next, we send you your booking contract, which confirms all of the event details, what time we'll arrive & sing, our payment schedule, any requirements we might have, notes, cancellation policies, etc.

Sign & teturn the contract to us, either via email or through the postal mail, along with your deposit which we can also take online. We'll countersign and send you a copy, either via email or fax. Once that's done, the business side of things are done for a while, and we turn to the fun part — the music & performance planning!

Next: Plan Your Event ⇒

Your event gets activated in our online event management system, and you'll receive an email with a special link so you can view your event. Greg, our Musical Director, will get in touch with you so he can get a sense of your event — like what vibe you're going for, anything about the guests or the event space, mood, and etc. so he can decide what songs the Men will be singing. He'll then put together the first draft of the setlist for your event, viewable right on your event page.

If you'd like, you can even take full control & edit the setlist online through our event tool simply by dragging & dropping songs. Or, leave the set list to our event planning experts — we can work either way!

Last: Enjoy the Show ⇒

The Men show up at the previously-agreed call time (usually 20 minutes before we start singing), dressed, enscarfed, and ready to go. Any remaining balance gets handled discreetly. Promptly at the start of our scheduled time at your event, they take their spots, blow their starting pitch and begin charming all your event guests!

The Men sing for their scheduled time with only the shortest of pauses in between songs (and any hourly breaks that may be scheduled). At their time's end, they head off — presumably to bring their charm to another event — and then we then hope to see you again next year!