Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I book the Men Singing Carols for my holiday event?

We formed New York Holiday Singers, Inc. to bring our passion for the holiday season's music (and a premium level of entertainment) to holiday season parties & events in NYC, and we started Men Singing Carols to bring fun, charming, male holiday acappella to the New York City area. Our versions of traditional Christmas carols, other holiday classics, and winter or non-holiday favorites are musically gratifying, requiring a professional level of performance, commitment & rehearsal from all of our Men. When you book the Men Singing Carols, you're not getting a group of casual performers or "ringers" singing relatively simple carols; you're booking a sophisticated, finely-rehearsed & tuned ensemble singing truly professional-level music.

Our Men run the gamut from performers on- and Off-Broadway to talented choral singers and solo vocalists; musicians, artists, teachers, vocal coaches, and more. We firmly believe our reputation and ability to compete in a crowded entertainment industry rests entirely on providing the absolute best holiday entertainment you can possibly hire for your party, singers or otherwise. And, we love making our customers happy & proud to have us entertain their guests.

Preparing the Men Singing Carols each year is the New York Holiday Singers, Inc. team: Jen, Greg, and Doug, our Executive Director, Creative Director, and Associate Producer, respectively, most of whom you'll talk to in the process of booking your event. For instance, Greg has over two decades' worth of experience providing music & entertainment for events, and all three members of our management team absolutely love the holiday season: its music, its sounds, its flavors & aromas, and the best it can bring out in people. They love it so much that they, too, sing in multiple groups within our company!

When you get groups of wonderful performers like this together, give them fantastic music, have them rehearse and bond for months… Well, then you get magic.

Q. How much does it cost to hire the Men Singing Carols for my events?

The Men Singing Carols have a single, standard booking fee of $150, plus a flat rate per-Man per-hour, depending on day of the week and time of day. You can find our complete pricing schedule on our online booking & quote page, but here are some samples:

  • Three (3) Men for one hour during the day on a weekday would be only $345.
  • Three (3) Men for two hours on a weekend evening would be $660.

Travel outside of Manhattan, western Queens & Brooklyn, or the Bronx may incur an extra fee. Our online booking & quote page can give you an instant price quote based the date, time, and duration of your event — no email or phone call required!

Q. What kinds of events will you sing at?

The Men Singing Carols are absolutely perfect for any event where you need fun, charming contemporary holiday entertainment with a jazz vibe that won't break the bank, including:

  • Corporate event / holiday party
  • Luncheons & dinners
  • Private party
  • Retail activation
  • Brand/marketing activation, especially one targeting a cool NYC vibe
  • Event background entertainment
  • Cocktail hour
  • Public event
  • Tree lighting
  • And many, many more.

If you're wondering if we're right for your holiday season event, why not get in touch with us today and we'll see what we can do?

Q. Do you wear costumes, like Victorian / "Dickens" carolers?

Our Men perform in sophisticated winter sartorial, in blues, grays, blacks, whites, and similar hues. As of now, our company doesn't offer Victorian/Dickensian costumed carolers. If the Men or any of our other professional groups aren't what you're looking for, and if your event absolutely calls for a Victorian look, we recommend the Dickens Victorian Carollers for any events requiring costumed carolers. This elegant group has been around for three decades and has performed for four Presidential administrations at the White House as well as other extraordinary events. The Dickens Victorian Carollers are not associated with New York Holiday Singers, Inc. in any way, but our New York Holdiay Singers performed with them on The Rachael Ray Show in 2012 and have spoken with their director multiple times since. We think they have impressive presentation.

Q. Can you fill the setlist with songs that aren't too… "church-y"?

Hey, no worries — that's what the Men Singing Carols are for! The Men Singing Carols primarily focus on contemporary, charming swing/jazz treatments of Christmas classics and secular favorites, as well as some pop covers. And "jazz" here isn't used lightly; we have professional jazz musicians among our membership, and most of our arrangements feature fantastic, fun jazz chords and styling unlike anything you've heard from any other professional caroling company. Our music is simply the best in the industry, and has been featured on CBS, Fox, WFUV, WQXR, and more. If you're interested in a mix of traditional and contemporary, our mixed-voice ensemble the New York Holiday Choristers fits the bill perfectly. But if you want to be charmed with lighter fare, booking the Men Singing Carols is the way to go!

Q. Do you have other "looks" you can wear, or can you wear branded attire?

The Men Singing Carols offer either a casual, sartorial blue & grey winter look, or we can go more formal — all the way up to on-theme suits. In both, our Men sport matching, sharp hand-knit blue scarves. If you're thinking of something specific for your event, such as Santa hats and other accesories, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can see what we can do!

The Men are also great for brand activations that need a "Christmas In NYC" vibe. We absolutely are able to wear your branded attire, accessories, or special outfits, as long as we work it out in advance. Drop us a line today and let's get talking!

Q. I'd like the Men's performance to be a surprise. Is that doable?

You know what? That's probably our third most common question, after "Can you fill the setlist with songs that aren't too… "church-y"?" and "Do you have other "looks" you can wear, or can you wear branded attire?"… and the answer is a resounding YES!

Those types of appearances tend to be our favorite! We love playing "in-character" until we start singing, or popping out to surprise a room full of unsuspecting listeners with our rich harmonies and charming performance, and have done so and continute to do so on numerous occasions to a phenomenal response. We build our setlist specifically in those circumstances to start off with a high-energy bang. Just get in touch with us and let's see how we can delight and surprise your guests!

Q. How far do you travel?

We're based in New York City, so travel to locations accessible by MTA subways & buses is included. There might be a small surcharge for our travel time if it will take us over an hour to get to your location from midtown Manhattan. Outside of the Manhattan, Western Queens & Brooklyn, and parts of the Bronx, there may be additional travel fees to cover our time, such as the cost of car rental or train fare. Lodging costs may be needed if your event's outside of the tristate area. If you've got questions about travel, you can contact us for more information about travel and your budget.

Q. Do the Men perform memorized?

Absolutely! The Men Singing Carols start rehearsals in September to perfect & memorize their challenging and fun music and to hone their charming stage presence. Because our truly professional-level music is quite complex, at events we hold small, half-sheet-sized mini-binders or slates containing the set list, starting notes/pitches, song information, and lyrics — but they don't get in the way of an exciting and entertaining performance. We always focus on remaining charming to watch, and to engage with our audience and each other. Guests get bored with a singer buried in a binder!

Q. Can you greet guests, or walk & sing?

We love doing both, and have done so many times!