How Our Rates Work

We set a flat rate per each Man Singing Carols you book, per hour, based on the time of day & day of week, plus a booking fee. Period. There's no huge upfront cost and then discount for later hours; it's all flat-rate. This allows our rate to be very competitive & affordable for 1-hour events, which are the most common events we book!

Why do you have different rates per Man per hour?

Our rates change based on the timing of your event. Prime hours are Friday and weekend evenings, and so these have a higher per-Man per-hour rate. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day are premium days with holiday rates. The most affordable rate is Monday-Thursday from 9am to 5pm. The booking fee does not change, no matter the time of the event.

Travel & Special Requests

Your quote doesn't include any travel outside of Manhattan, western Queens, Brooklyn, or parts of the Bronx, or special requests. (We usually have to rent a car or take rail to get there, and due to time we also pay our performers during their travel.) That said, our travel rates don't get marked-up much at all, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions or special requests!

How do you calculate your travel rates?

Our travel rates are mostly based on how far away your event is. We are all located within the 5 boroughs. Sometimes we take the Long Island Railroad, sometimes we take Metro-North, but we usually prefer to rent a car. Travel rates also include an hourly stipend for our performers. Your event may only be an hour long, but we have to compensate our singers if it takes an hour to get there and an hour to get back. Our Men Singing Carols are usually Jacks-Of-All-Trades, so they have a lot of schedule-wrangling to do themselves!

FAQs About Our Booking Fee

What is the booking fee?

We like to pay our Men what we feel is a fair rate for their time, talent, education, and experience. But, there are many other costs in running our caroling business that have nothing to do with our wonderful performers. Rather than taking from the per-Men per-hour rate, or increasing the per-hour rate ("$200 an hour per performer?! That’s more than I pay my doctor!"), in 2014 we added the separate booking fee. You'll find that our rates are still quite reasonable!

Note: The booking fee does not cover travel. Travel fees still apply to events outside of the 5 boroughs, and there's more info on that above.

I’m interested in booking multiple dates. Do I pay the booking fee for each date?

No. The booking fee is only paid once per contract, regardless of the total number of dates.

What's This Booking System All About?

Greg, our creative director (and a sort of "head nerd elf" in his daytime life), wrote an industry-first online event management system years ago called Now Reserving. Once you reserve our Men Singing Carols -- the last step in the quote process using the tool above -- your event flies into our system and we get an email. Then, our team gets in touch with you to confirm details, work out payment terms, and get the booking contract to you. Once the contract is signed and we receive our deposit, we activate your event in our system, where you can view the set list as we prepare it for you (and even edit it, if you'd like!), see what Men Singing Carols will be at your event singing carols, and manage multiple events. This system was written to make our process more efficient, and we've found that most of our happy customers love to use it too!

Why Make Your Pricing Public?

Something we noticed in the early days of our company was that no New York City-area Christmas caroling groups made their pricing available without calling them, or emailing them event details to get a proposal. If you were throwing, say, a Christmas party, singers would want to know your budget, the size of the event, and other information before quoting you a price.

We don't like to work like that. Instead, we thought and talked it over with our performers and decided on what we consider a fair rate for our services. It shouldn't matter if you've got a $10,000 entertainment budget or a $300 one.

So, we created an actually, truly fresh approach to booking holiday entertainment, by posting our rates and setting a per-singer, per-hour fixed rate. It's that simple. Our rate does change throughout the day & week, as evenings and weekends are a premium, and holidays are subject to a holiday rate, but these rates are the same for all of our customers, regardless of budget, event size, and other factors.

That said, sometimes you may find less expensive rates from other Christmas caroling groups, especially for longer events where they may charge more than we do for the first hour but progressively less for each additional hour. Or maybe they're willing to do a package deal for multi-day events, which we can't do with our flat-rate pricing. Because of our flat-rate pricing and our agreement with our talent, plus the months of rehearsal they put into preparing for our season, we are unable to offer discounts or rate-matching with other caroling ensembles.

We have one of the longest rehearsal processes in the industry, starting in late summer to prepare and learn our best-in-class musical arrangements and tweaking our engaging, charming performance style. In addition, unlike most caroling ensembles, you our music is truly professional-class and the best in the industry -- so much so that our groups' recordings have been played on both national television and radio. And, our arrangements have already been requested and performed by a handful of choral groups around the country!